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Well, that was interesting

So....I talked to Peg yesterday for the first time in over two years.

Apparently, she is now working in the lawn & garden center at the Lowe's in San Antonio, although she is currently down with a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder. Looks like we both decided to give ourself injuries for our birthday.

She is still living at home with her parents and around a dozen or so cats and an army of chickens. She has alot of regrets about her decisions over the last five years, but I have no sympathy for self-inflicted wounds. I haven't heard of her making any attempts to keep in contact with anybody out here either, although she was apparently planning a visit out here this week, if she hadn't injured herself.

I filled her in on all the latest events amongst us all. She plays WoW now for those who are interested, some server starting with a "T" name or some such.

On the plus side, I felt absolutely nothing during the conversation.
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