shroud1 (shroud1) wrote,

Figured I should post this again now. *LOL*

Now accepting applications for "Full Time Girlfriend"

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Must be a gamer (or willing to learn)
Must be SCA (or willing to be indoctrinated into our insanity)
Must be intelligent (non-negotiable)
Sci-Fi / Fantasy geekdom preferred.
Nocturnal nature preferred.
Must understand that hygine is not optional
Must love a wide and eclectic selection of music (Folk, Classical, Rock, Industrial, etc...)
Must have an interest in history…especially Ancient Egypt, Rome, Middle Ages, Age of Piracy,
Victorian Era, Roaring 20’s, and the 1940’s.
Must love vampires and pirates….or both fact a general love of the horror
genre is probably mandatory.
Must not be a chain-smoker.
Must enjoy relaxing with a good movie on the couch.
Must enjoy a nice dinner out.
Absolutely no children.
Pagan preferred, open minded is fine as well.
Must not get jealous of dancers while I am drumming…I hardly notice them anyway, just
ask Klaus.

In addition,
I would like to not be the low man on the priority totem pole…I don’t expect to be #1, but it would be refreshing to be rated above sleep, cigarettes, video games, or TV. I spent many years at the bottom of the list and can do without that fun again.

All applicants would be required to undergo a rigorous screening process by the ladies of the Iron Maiden so that household compatibility issues would be resolved. Those who fail to pass will be given a full burial.
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