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For Ketill (sp?)

Loyalty: I hold loyalty above all other virtues except Honor. I find that one of the greatest sorrows of the modern age is the fact that a concept like loyalty is so seldom found in people's character. I doubt you could find a person who has not had someone cheat on them or sell them out for their own benefit. It seems like most people live in a permanent "grass is greener on the other side" sort of mentality and just cannot remain content with the situations they have chosen. I rank honesty in the same boat, since one often lives or dies alongside the other.

History: I've always had a love of history, the facts and legends of days gone by fascinate me to no end. I feel like an information sponge when it comes to these kind of things and although I have a preference for Egyptology, Greco-Roman, Civil War, Roaring 20's and WWI - WWII eras, just about anything historical will pique my interest. Knowing the past allows you a greater understanding of how the present will evolve into the future. Things like looking how "well" bullshit tactics like appeasement have worked in the past, and shuddering when you look at how this Country is going to be approaching future terrorist attacks.

Babylon 5: Quite possibly the best TV show ever made. It was epic in scale, had characters you could really get to know and respect and just enough humor to keep things in perspective. The writing has left a great many quotes that still seem profound to anyone who "gets it". If you haven't seen the series, I can't recommend it enough.

Drumming: I just sort of stumbled into drumming to have something artistic to do, I always enjoyed the drumming sounds and the dancing circles and after a bit of practice, I found that I have a natural knack for it. I'll never be one of the great drummers in the world, but I'm competent enough that alot of camps will seek me out to organize and lead the drumming for thier parties. I enjoy teaching as well, and one thing we need is drummers who can play something other than drunken Beledi.

Books: I love books, I know this may be a revelation to some, but I love being surrounded by the written word. From game books to novels, from reference material to periodicals....I love those printed tomes. No amount of electronic PDA, PDF or other three letter doo-dad will ever supplant holding a nice book and reading for me. I'll ready anything in a pinch, but tend to stick mostly to sci-fi, fantasy, historical books and the occasional biography....not to mention a vast and ever-growing gaming library that threatens to devour the living room and everyone in it.
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