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Your result for Which Vampire the Masquerade Clan Are You?...

The Serpents {Followers of Set}

The wickeldy seductive Followers of Set{Setites} are a vampire clan that stands at odds with all the others. They follow the Ancient Egyptian pagan doctrine and believe the Desert God Set to be the first vampire. They wish to ensnare all the other clans under their power. Indeed, they will use all the means of the modern nights to do so. Be it drugs, sex, power, love, weapons or any other desire, the Setites will supply it, for a cost. They crave power above all others. They see the other clans as weak and barely regard them as vampires as the other clans believe the biblical Caine to be the first vampire. Setites know how to get attention. They are impeccable dressers and they speak with a gold plated tongue. They know what people want and they know how to get it.

For you to be a Follower of Set means that you are a manipulator of great skill. You realize that everyone may have a use to you someday so you try not to alienate anyone. You use subtle means to slowly control those around you. You befriend, manipulate, control and dominate those around you. You have no empathetic care towards others but you do have a great sense of empathic awareness in knowing what people want. With these traits you have the power to be a great leader or one of the most dangerous vampires to walk before the sun.

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